Aerial photography at competitive prices with a drone ecological

An innovative concept

Our concept combines between artistic photo shooting, upscale photographic and video equipment and an ecologic UAV.


UAVs so far reserved for military use, are now available for professionals. UAV U-130 NOVADEM, French made, is technically the most advanced available on the market.

HELIDRONE ensures professional technical solution for aerial photos and videos, providing optimum responsiveness and handling, up to 150 meters of altitude from its point of departure.

The quality of our image, video or photo, is guaranteed by the onboard high-tech photographic equipment and by the amazing flying precision of the UAV. It is equipped with a GPS and other functionalities that make it easy to handle and very reliable.

Unlike helicopters, a much more expensive alternative, UAV is electric. This engine is silent and does not emit air pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions.

Another major strength, the low logistical constraints to manipulate UAV inherent to its low obstructive nature, allows fast interventions.

Our equipments and our skills enable us to work on any photo or video whether they were aerial or not. We offer a wide range of services: panoramic aerial photos, virtual indoor tour and websites creation.